Saturday, December 2, 2017

Thanks to All!

This morning I went shopping for a new top or two, to make good use of my daughter's gift of a birthday gift card.

I ended up picking out a forest green hip length sweater top with lace inserts across the shoulders and down the arms. I then added a pair of rose gold hoop earrings to finish my mini buying spree, which was completed as we had to take both cars to the garage to get fixed, too.

Throughout the morning (including a stop at another store) I was never mis-gendered. In fact, when I went to the dressing room to try on the top, the lady in charge took me straight to the woman'a dressing rooms.

Plus, at the auto repair shop we go to, Liz and I were referred to as "ladies" several times.

I suppose it helped I finally colored my hair again and replaced the predominant gray theme with a dark auburn one.

If I do it correctly, my hair is so soft I can't hardly believe it. I think I am finally getting it through my thick noggin (and hair) how to rinse all the color rinse out of my hair and use the proper amount of conditioner and make sure it is properly rinsed also.

At the least, it all gives me the extra confidence to face the world as a transgender woman.

While we are on the subject of confidence, thanks to all of you loyal followers here in Cyrsti's Condo, Twitter and through Facebook! It's all appreciated.:)

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