Sunday, December 3, 2017

A Lazy Sunday?

It's hard to believe my fave time of the year (fall) is nearly over and Christmas is approaching quickly with a touch of snow even in the forecast later in the week.

The good news is my "The Ohio State Buckeye" football team pulled out a hard fought victory over Wisconsin with a crippled quarterback none the less. Also, the Bengals can't lose to the Steelers today because they don't play until Monday night.

I did see a cute Buckeye sweat shirt yesterday with a "V" neck which may look sharp with leggings and slouch boots I could wear around football bowl time. I am still looking for an article or two of clothing to buy with my gift card from my daughter. (It's burning a hole in my purse!)

Essentially, I am looking for a longer black or silver gray sweater top I could possibly wear on New Year's Eve this year. It's looking as if I also will have a couple of potential "dress up" affairs coming up for the holidays. I really don't want to wear the same thing if I can help it, even though I won't be seeing the same people.

So, while this Sunday is a bit lazy, looking ahead isn't. Naturally, you will find how a transgender woman's life gets as cluttered as a cis woman quickly,  as we cross the MtF gender boundaries.

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  1. Excuse me, but would that not be "The Ohio State University Buckeye" football team? I mean, whether or not the players actually attend classes, are the "The" and "Buckeyes" really more important than the "University" in the name? I guess all university football teams are just farm teams for The NFL, really, so, NEVER MIND. :-)

    Speaking of holiday parties, I have been invited, again, to the annual party given by a couple who "disinvited" me a few years ago after I came out to them. After meeting with them privately later, however, they considered me acceptable to mingle with their esteemed guests the next year. This will be the third year I will attend in all of my holiday party glamour, and I go just to spite them. They are Trump supporters, as are many of their friends, and I feel I must be there to represent the "deplorables" of the world. I refuse to talk politics at any party, especially this one. I will be, however, charming, witty, and looking my best. I'm sure that I am the only trans woman many of them have ever met, and I want to leave the best impression that I can. If some of the husbands come away thinking I'm prettier than their wives (and I am, I think, in some cases), that is just icing on the Christmas cookie. I haven't decided what to wear yet - except for the all-important smile (while simultaneously biting my tongue often).