Saturday, November 25, 2017

It's Time

It's been a week or two since my "trans-dar" has gone off at the regular mega grocery store we shop at.

I have grown accustomed to seeing a highly possible transgender woman spotting. After seeing a few dressed in heels and hose, the most recent trans women (I think) were dressed more to blend. With jeans, tennis shoes and or boots.

I also try now to at least position myself to smile and speak, if I am not off in my own little world (it's a nice place!) I also figure it's a good bet I will run into them again. Seeing as how many times we visit the same store.

It's almost time to start planning too for Liz and I's New Years Eve gala. As I have written before, the evening is extra special because it marks the anniversary of when I began my MtF transgender transition in earnest by starting HRT. Connie, leave "Earnest" out of it! :)

I am thinking of wearing my black, brown and gold ruffled sleeveless top with my black dress gaucho pants. Like any trans woman, I enjoy getting dressed up for an occasion!

Since now we have passed Thanksgiving and Christmas isn't far away, it's almost time for New Years Eve!

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