Saturday, November 25, 2017

We Go International

One of the amazing things to me about the"world wide web" is how global it is. I suppose I'm not alone in my generation.

Our Cyrsti's Condo post concerning my politics getting me blocked by an irate "trans" woman on FB. My point simply was, I didn't understand how any transgender person can support an administration who does it best to deny the trans community any rights. In fact, doing it's best to take them away. Somehow, questioning her "transness" came into play and we were done.

I also lamented the current highly charged political atmosphere stopping any political "discussions."

It turns out, the case is the same in Australia, from Jeni:
Jeni SkunkNovember 24, 2017 at 6:12 PM
You are most definitely NOT alone in being unable to support an anti-LGBT political leader.

With number 45 though, the situation is far more awkward.
Number 45 is not Religiously rabidly anti-LGBT.
But its follow-up replacements are.
Pence and Ryan.
So the problem is how to keep number 45 in, to keep Pence and Ryan out, whilst minimising the damage actively being caused by number 45.

In their Religious zealotry, Pence and Ryan would trample anti-discrimination into oblivion, and happily turn the USA into a theocratic state.
Short of an absolute dictatorship, the worst of all worlds.

And don't assume that here where I am is much better.
Australian anti-discrimination law, at all levels of Govt, is littered Religious Exemptions applying, so the Religions do not have to comply with anything that goes in opposition to their Beliefs or Faith.
This includes employing women, sacking LGBT, refusing services, ect.
Basically those exemptions form a nicely detailed "How say F__K YOU to the Law, and Actively Discriminate, AND Get Away With It".

And from the U.K. and Paula:
"Paula GoodwinNovember 25, 2017 at 8:33 AM
To me being called a leftist is a compliment!

I am concerned that over here in the UK we seem to be developing the same problem you have with an ever widening divide in politics. It feels impossible to have a rational political discussion with somebody with a different stand point and remain friends, very sad!"
Thanks again Ladies, finally I wanted to point out this person who blocked me was only an acquaintance. I have a dear friend who balances my political views with her own and we manage to coexist! 

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