Transgender Minutia

If you are a fledgling transgender woman or cross dresser just beginning to make your way in the world, one of the more important male habits which can get you outed  is how you eat.

While cis women vary widely in eating habits, we trans girls are not afforded the same luxury. We just have to be better.

Various tips include, cutting food in smaller bites and tilting your head slightly as you eat. Plus, by all means don't shovel your food in! That giant hamburger needs to be cut and maybe even eaten with the help of a fork. Depending on where you are, or who you are with, those chicken wings may not be such a good choice.

Eating usually interferes with lipstick too, so care should be taken. Plus how women eat is considered to be sensual by more than a few cis men.

All of these tips are learned by cis girls growing up, but again, we transgender and or cross dressers never had a chance to learn. After all, eating like a girl got you the unwanted "sissy" label.

"Bon appetite" !


Mandy Sherman said…
Ain't that the truth about eating chicken wings...of course you'll get to re-do your lipstick, but also much of your facial makeup, as well! (Leaving much of that makeup on your napkin...)


Connie said…
I can pass along a bit of information that might help those who are wanting to develop a more feminine manner of eating. Try eating with the other hand. I'm right handed, but I've had a lot of trouble with my neck and right shoulder, to the point that I have trouble negotiating a forkful of food into my mouth at times. I can't eat soup without some of it dribbling off the spoon and down my chin. So, I have had to retrain myself to use my left hand. In doing so, I have had to be slow and deliberate with each bite, and any shoveling I may have done before just doesn't happen anymore. The best thing about doing this is that, when I do try to eat with my right hand now, I eat the same way as I taught myself to eat with my left hand. Even if you never master eating with the opposite hand, the process of learning and thinking about it can help to create new and better habits.

Speaking of using a knife and fork to eat a hamburger, I did that for the first time many years ago when I was out to an up-class burger place with a trans girlfriend of mine. She, though, just picked up her juicy and messy burger with both hands and devoured it before I was even 1/3 done with mine. I was embarrassed to be seen at the same table with her, and I've never eaten with her again. Of course, my mother demanded proper table manners when I was growing up, and some people were not so lucky, I guess. Don't forget to put your napkin on your lap immediately upon sitting at the table, too. My friend never touched hers until she'd finished her burger - and then she used it more like a washcloth. Talk about messing up your lipstick (and more!)
Paula said…
This is valuable advice that I have been trying to pass on to some of my (Cis) female family members for several years, I'm afraid some of them still favour the bulldozer feeding system and consider my idea of manners to be old fashioned and unnecessary.

I was brought up with the maxim "Manners maketh man" but it very much also applied to ladies!