All Quiet on the Midwestern LGBT Front?

These days, quiet can only be counted in days and the accused terrorist killer in Charlottesville, actually is from the Northern Kentucky area around Cincinnati and was living near Toledo, sometimes quiet can be deceiving. And, while we are on the subject, my sympathies go out to the victims of the Barcelona, Spain terrorist attack. Sad and tragic, again. The world is a wreck.

On my personal side, I have several appointments coming up, including a group get together tonight which is not a transgender specific group.

Also, next week, I have my fluid levels checked (blood work) Tuesday at the Veterans Administration hospital and a visit with my therapist on Thursday.

My wardrobe has been checked and rechecked for the visits, so all should be good. Knock on wood!

Where ever you may be world wide, I hope you are safe too, and your LGBT life is allowed to be a bit boring!


Unknown said…
Mine's been a LOT boring and stay-at-home since early May.
Health issues.

Early May, a cough started and I was coughing up mucus phlegm. The amount and force of the coughing was shaking my body up a lot. It HURT.

Just get over the coughing by late May, enough that I was able to have my flu vaccination on the last Monday in May, and by the Friday of the same week, the first Friday in June, I had a head cold, and from that more coughing up mucus phlegm and shaking my still sore body even more. Got to the point that even lying down in bed hurt.

Finally get over all that by early July, and Winter temperatures here start in earnest, along with the humidity dropping to well below normal. That started off another asthma cough which I'm still on medication for.

And as if that personal stuff keeping me at home wasn't good enough, the flu has been severe here this year. You know it's bad when doctors and staff at medical practices are off work sick from the flu.

So my going out anywhere since May, has been a go out only if absolutely unavoidable.
Paula said…
Hope the "Blood work" goes well, I got my blood test results today, and it looks like I should live a little longer
Cyrsti Hart said…
Hope you feel better! :)
Cyrsti Hart said…
That is always a good thing! Thanks :)