Friday, August 4, 2017

Fear and Loathing???

A couple days ago, I began a process I have actually been putting off for years...probating a couple properties I have held on to from my past.

I chose an attorney pretty much at random, preferring only one of female persuasion. For some reason I felt I would have a lesser chance of running into transgender bias with another woman.

Before I went into the office, I was scared to death. Not so much because of presenting trans, but of the whole process. The end result ideally could result in selling both properties and totally getting rid of the part of my life I have been dreading.

I was so scared, it brought back memories of my first journey out to a restaurant as a woman I have written about several times. It was so bad, I thought I was going to need an oxygen tank in case I fainted. After I made it though, I never thought my life would ever come to this.

Which leads me to this point. Many people ask me about the highs and lows of a transgender transition. My answer is simple, consider what would be the toughest hill to climb as a trans woman, then try to do it. My personal example was buying a part in an auto parts store.

When I look back at my life though, nothing would have prepared me for what I have been through now. Scared? Yes! Determined? Certainly! I would not trade where I am now for anything.

Not even an oxygen tank!

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  1. At first, I thought you were referring to masculine properties you might still have. But, who would see an attorney for verification of those things? A physician would be a better choice. Anyway, I have some real estate I'd like to have a surgeon unload for me, and it's not really in probate - I have lost the will. :-)

    In my experience, anyone I deal with who stands to profit monetarily is not to be feared. If they don't like who I am to the point of also disliking my money, then that's their problem.

    I might be able to use an oxygen tank here in Seattle. With temps in the mid-nineties and smoggy air from Canadian wild fires, it's difficult to get a good breath of air. Both the sun and the moon glow orange, and there's so much smoke in the air that the stars are not visible at night. It's like a scene out of a Sci-Fi movie (which makes me fit right in!).