Fear...ala Connie

In response to my "Fear and Loathing" post here in Cyrsti's Condo, Connie wrote:

"At first, I thought you were referring to masculine properties you might still have. But, who would see an attorney for verification of those things? A physician would be a better choice. Anyway, I have some real estate I'd like to have a surgeon unload for me, and it's not really in probate - I have lost the will. :-)

In my experience, anyone I deal with who stands to profit monetarily is not to be feared. If they don't like who I am to the point of also disliking my money, then that's their problem.

I might be able to use an oxygen tank here in Seattle. With temps in the mid-nineties and smoggy air from Canadian wild fires, it's difficult to get a good breath of air. Both the sun and the moon glow orange, and there's so much smoke in the air that the stars are not visible at night. It's like a scene out of a Sci-Fi movie (which makes me fit right in!)."

I like the monetary part of your comment, and people are more apt to see green, or at the least a welcome relief from their day to day work if and when they encounter a transgender person up close and personal. Plus, since the last thing the receptionist mentioned in a so, so pleasant manner was the not so small matter of a consultation fee. Not mentioned on their web site. Keep in mind though I am dealing in a smallish town, so competition among attorney's is likely not that intense.

At any rate, if I can get the two properties probated at a reasonable cost, which increases my chances of unloading them and getting along with my life. Which is huge of course.

As far as an oxygen tank goes, I hope you get some relief soon from the smoke! I am fairly sure though you may be able to find a small one and spray paint it pink? :) Or blue which may match your new friend's hair? She is probably a huge LGBT supporter anyway.