Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Just when I received all the unwanted attention I could take from LGBT hostile rednecks, I landed back in my decidedly more liberal home ground and I garnered no attention at all, or, too much of a positive nature.

Going back to the drawing board, so to speak, it was hot last weekend and I decided to pull my hair back and go without my glasses. Seemingly all of my adjustments worked to perfection as I encountered no problems. Whether or not the changes had that much effect or not is open to debate as (like I wrote), I was operating in friendly territory.

At any rate, the weekend did wonders for my confidence too and as we all know, presenting successfully takes a lot of confidence. Humans are sharks and if they don't detect blood in the water, many times they won't even notice you.

I did have one grocery bagger kid who wanted to talk and talk, which I did, plus the restaurants we went to (per norm) saw me as being green, for my money.

Whatever the case, even at this point in my transgender woman life, a little confidence goes a long way, especially with the next stages of my life looming quickly.


  1. If there's anyone who knows how to deal with an old bag, it's one of those grocery bagger kids. :-) Really, though, the kids are usually more eager to please, and they are trained to accept diversity. I have found there to be more scrutiny by other shoppers in the check out line - and I mean "check out" not for the groceries.

    While shopping at my regular supermarket, especially on "Senior Tuesdays," I have run into the same woman shopper quite a number of times. She is a few years older, maybe 70, and she tries so very hard to hold on to her youthful looks. She dresses nicely, and her hair is always perfectly coiffed, but she overdoes the makeup - wearing much more than I ever would. We always have a bit of a stare-down, whether we come across each other in the aisles or at the check stand. I'm still not sure what she's thinking about me when she stares, but I hope she's just envious of my makeup job. She never smiles at me (probably not at anyone), but I always break the tension with a quick smile - to which she immediately breaks eye contact. I honestly believe that I have more confidence in myself as a woman than she does, and I'm not trying nearly as hard at it as she is!

  2. You're right nothing works like a bit of confidence, and nothing builds the confidence like some positive encounters