Monday, July 31, 2017

A Different End...To a Different Story

Connie wrote in: "Just last week, I had a similar experience. 
At the gas station/convenience store I frequent, there was shaved-head, jeans and T-shirt guy staring at me the whole time I was at the pump. It was 5:00 AM, so still a bit dark. I have learned to be careful of my surroundings - actually vigilant. I left the pump to go inside where I could feel safer, and bought something I didn't need just to "justify" my actions. While I was in the store, though, the man came in to pay for his gas just before I was going to make my purchase. As I stood behind him, I felt like he must have had eyes in the back of his head, as though I was still being stared at. I felt relieved that he would be leaving the store before me, and that I could safely go back to my car....But he stopped at the door and just stood there, staring. I decided to just make a quick exit, so, with one key projecting from my closed fist I headed for the door. To my surprise and relief, however, the man opened the door for me with a big smile, saying "have a wonderful day." 

I know that my prudence was not wrong, but I had pre-judged him when he was obviously not thinking negatively about me at all. It turned out to be a reminder that I should not be as judgmental as I often condemn others for being toward me. Had I simply given this guy quick and friendly smile in the first place, I probably would have gotten one in return, and I wouldn't have found it necessary to buy that calorie-laden donut that I definitely did not need. 

I do agree, though, that staring is bad manners - but good manners are, sadly, so very rare these days. At least he opened the door for a lady!"

Also to Mandy :)
As it turned out my whole weekend was ready to turn around. More in a later post from this topsy turvy transgender LGBT world!


  1. I simply can't get used to the stares, when I do notice I will usually just return the stare, then they will normally revert their gaze, occasionally I will get a smile but more often a embarrassed grimace. This last month I have received more than my usual level of random attention, at first I was a bit put out, until I remembered that I had died my hair Pink, White, and Blue!

  2. Nah...couldn't have been the hair! :)