Summertime and the Living Isn't Easy

As we enter six straight days of weather pushing the heat index to around 100 degrees (F), the good "old" Ohio summer has become real old- real fast, and it's only July.

No matter, I should not be wishing time away any faster at my age, but a relief from the heat would be nice!

Other than all of that, the status quo has ruled my life, other than the day at Walmart last week. We do have a group meeting this Friday at a local state park. I tend to take it for granted that I am being accepted as a person and not a transgender woman in the group. Probably because the experience is so rare.

And, next week, is another meeting of our transgender support group which always seems to be interesting. Plus I have not forgotten to ask Ms. Medicare GRS (genitalia reassignment surgery)  for details, if she shows up. Finally, there is another cross dresser/transgender social group meeting next Monday.

So ironically, life is moving as slow as a glacier in all this heat, but it keeps moving nonetheless.

Guess I better have my tank tops and capri's ready to go!