Sunday, July 16, 2017

Not Funny!

Yesterday Liz and I went back to a rural Walmart to help with our groups bake sale. I have written about it before. It is not my fave place to be, spending a sunny pleasant (for a change) summer afternoon.

As we were sitting there, this goofy S.O.B walks up wearing a confederate T-shirt and a ball hat literally with two bills. He immediately stares at me, uses his hand and says "bang-bang." Of course I just glared waiting for his next move, when he said "I just like to make people laugh." I said, "Well, I'm not laughing." Finally, after an unpleasant pause, he mumbled something and went on his way.

Probably the worse part was, I wasn't sure if he was all there and had no real reason to single me out...or if he did.

One way or another, it was a situation I never need to face again, if I can. Plus, I suppose I had it coming sooner or later because our LGBT Pride event was so much fun. Momma Karma seems to be a realist and balances out the situation. Also, the whole damn place is not one I would be caught dead in (no pun intended) if I had a choice.

I also wonder if the the other people in my group who were there caught the true meaning of what he was doing, or not. Liz didn't happen to be there and was in the store. Or if I was on my own, per norm.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful. I did of course, have the casual Walmart employee follower into the women's rest room with me. But, I am fairly used to that and find it slightly amusing because the store should put more effort into providing a clean rest room than following a transgender woman around.

The best part is, I think we are done going to that store at all! I am tired of Confederate flags.

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