Monday, April 3, 2017

To Pee or Not to Pee

On one of my email platforms, I receive at least 25-30 emails a day concerning various places around the US/world about transgender women or trans men and rest rooms.

Recently I have even began to see a bit of a "push back" from what I used to call "trans nazi's" . Their point is should any cross dresser, regardless of "sophistication" in their dressing be free to use the women's rest room?

At the risk of sounding too high and mighty, I say no. The simple act of throwing on a dress once or twice a week and then going out, should not punch your ticket to the women's room. Why? I have always considered it a privilege of sorts using the rest room I identify with and have not literally used a men's room in over five years.

I studied hard for the right. Some consider I the simple rest room test is to at the least sit to pee. In order to blend though, don't forget to wipe, flush the toilet, clean up after yourself, wash your hands and check your makeup before you leave. Plus, I am sure others of you can add to that partial list, like never sitting your purse on the floor and how you aim your urine stream into the bowl. I even used to carry a Tampon in case a woman in the next stall was testing me out. Now, I am way too old!

I supposed I am biased too, by the times I have seen cross dressers abuse the rest room privilege in primarily gay venues and get them placed off limits to the rest of us.

So, common sense should rule I suppose. But in today's world I know it is a rare commodity. If you have taken the time effort to present well as a cross dresser in the real world, there is no reason not to be able to use the women's room. But if you look like some sort of a drag queen on the loose, then it could be a different story.   

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