Transgender Day of Visibility

This years Transgender Day of Visibility  has come and gone and this year with sort of a special emphasis for me.

My visibility is with me at all times because to many "I yam what I yam"...a proud trans woman. I have often broken down the number of peeps percentage wise who just don't seem to care, notice or are curious from those who are truly curious, even impressed. But mythical figures are not what this post is all about. Plus the worse that happens to me is the occasional mis-gendering pronoun usage.

What the post is about are the two millennials I met this week where they worked. One a server at a restaurant and the other a bagger at a grocery store. One female (I assume) and one male. The young woman smiled and zeroed in on me when waiting on us and the very pretty young guy and I had a brief moment to interact as he bagged our groceries. The first thing he said was how much he liked my top and I almost said I would trade it for his looks and personality.

As the conversation went on, the poor kid almost got flustered around me! Perhaps (I thought) he was transgender or LGBT curious. But all too fast the encounter ended.

Connie made the comment to me on another platform visibility is nothing without viability and if we don't remember we all are ambassadors and/or teachers to the world, much is lost.

So, please take the time to remember, no matter if you are full time or part time, whatever you do in the public eye is so important as we celebrated another Transgender Day of Visibility.