Low Hanging Fruit

Often when I hear or read about some off the wall-po dunk LGBTQ hating politician, I wonder what thought process led them to their conclusions.

While I have often not been accused off being the sharpest tack in the box, I used to think someday in the future I would read about some of the staunchest LGBT opponents coming out of their closets one at a time.

While that idea remains in my noggin though, another is taking it's place in my number one spot.

The problem with career politicians is just that-career.  Once some bumkin gets elected, he needs to keep getting reelected to put food on the table. In order to do it, why not go for the most clannish group to attract-the Evangelicals and the like. After all, you can pull almost anything out of the Bible you need to, to fit the occasion.

Just get a few bible thumper preachers on your side preaching the evils in today's world and there you have it. All of the sudden the LGBTQ community are the bad guys and the transgender folk in particular.

No offense to the gay and lesbian community, but you can hide where transgender women for the most part just can't.

So all these crazy redneck Republican politicians have an easy political base and aren't afraid to exploit it. Low hanging fruit indeed.