Friday, January 6, 2017

Mammogram III

If you have never gone through a mammogram, don't get too excited about missing something special.

Once I got the nursing staff to understand MR. Hart was not there for a mammogram, I got to sit in a semi cold room and strip to my waist wearing just one of those thin hospital gowns. Right now I can hear a chorus of "Welcome to our world" from all my cis women friends and readers.

Since this was my third mammogram, I did notice the machine seemed to be a little more high tech and something out of a Star Wars movie.  A cool beast until it puts its icy plastic grips on your breasts. All in all though just a pinch here and there which is definitely superior to the alternative (breast cancer).

At my age and family history, I know I am certainly at risk and I had myself halfway believing I would be pulled off HRT when the Doctor asked for a couple extra X-rays. But it turned out she was just looking closer because the VA had asked for a total exam instead of a screening.

And the best news of all came when the Doctor smiled and said "Everything was OK!"

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