Tuesday, November 22, 2016

To Be or Not to Be

I have two especially musical terms. One is to be called ma'am or lady and the second is to be told I look nice by my toughest critic (and partner) Liz. Actually, the two often happen hand in hand. Let's take Sunday for example.

I was going to wear my new teal colored sweater with a pair of leggings and boots for Transgender Day of Remembrance. Unfortunately the only leggings I could find were brown ones and as I watched her eyes work me over from head to toe, I steeled myself for rejection. She said I looked like a character out of "Robin Hood Men in Tights." Not exactly a ringing endorsement. So I changed and received the go ahead and more.

Sometimes it is tough to set my ego aside and realize where I am in this process but I do. Years ago tough lessons taught me to learn the mirror did not always tell the truth.

I am also taking better care of my hair as HRT seems to be kicking in on it again (or winter!) I have found different ways to brush it out without causing more split ends and making it thicker.

One way or another, as I always say, confidence in who you are is a key component in achieving a successful feminine lifestyle. Transgender or cross dresser.

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