Monday, November 21, 2016

Another Look at the Veterans Adminstration

This time from another "Hart"-Michelle:

I will be seeing my therapist next week and will have more questions for her. I just recently attended a lecture, given to student therapists by members of the LGBT counselors from the VA (I am an unofficial member of the group).

One of the things I learned at the lecture is that the VA is now placing not only a trans status in one's medical records, as well as any desires for future SRS. It was also mentioned that sexual preferences is also being included in the records. I now have many questions for my therapist since I was under the understanding that physiological records are kept separate from medical records unless medications are required. Because of my unofficial status, I thought I have been able to stay somewhat under the radar but this information has caused some concern."

Thanks Michelle, while nothing would surprise me, I have never been asked anything about my sexual preferences, or SRS. Then again, I have not been afforded the access you have! Way to go!!!

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