Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Guest Post-Fuzzy Pink Miniskirt

From Connie: "

De-transitioning is just an extension of gender dysphoria. It's kind of like the ultimate purge. Of course, most of us know that it really doesn't work in the long run.

Yesterday, while working out on the street all day (no, I did not say "working the street"), I counted no less than a dozen trans women. Most of them were asking to be stared at. I used to actually be embarrassed by these trans folk, knowing that we have some kernel of "truth" in common. Now, I just don't care, because they are taking the focus off of me and making me look good by comparison. They can do what they want with their lives, anyway. We all have our own realities and our own "normal". I believe the frequency of stares we get has diminished quite a bit lately, as more of "us" are showing ourselves to the world. It's like tattoos or bright pink hair - people just don't care anymore. Still, that 6'4" transwoman wearing a fishnet body stocking and fuzzy miniskirt gave cause for a second look, if not a stare"

I need to get out more, I don't think I know a dozen trans women and no I won't lend you my fuzzy miniskirt!

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