Monday, August 15, 2016

Pink Miniskirt Part II

Received a couple of key comments on Connie's guest post. One from Shelle:
(excerpt)" As you point out,everyone has their own agenda,For me it has always been to not be noticed anymore than any other woman on earth I have no desire what so ever to be noticed as Trans,I don't view myself in that light,I'm a Woman and always have been even though I didn't for most of my life understand how it came to be."

Shelle, I would guess another version of "stealth" is when you can remove the transgender part of trans woman from your name or self perceptions all together?

And, here is a follow up from Connie:  Hmmm....I never mentioned the color of the fuzzy mini skirt, yet you knew it was pink....

"This is Seattle. There are trans women of all kinds all over the place. I don't actually know many, myself, but it doesn't take a highly-developed trans-dar in order to spot them. A few will say hello to me, in the spirit of "sisterhood", but most of them are so into their thing that they are either oblivious to what's going on around them or they think that talking to another trans woman in public will out them. The latter group is, of course, made up of the stealth ones; the first, mostly cross dressers, I think. There is one who is rather attractive, although she over-does it with her cinched waist and silicone booty. "

It has been just very recently I have began to develop a potential circle of trans/CD acquaintances. I am still learning the Cincinnati area and the fact there are very definite organizations for both groups. As I look back on my cross dressing days, I would not want to hang out in jeans and flats with a bunch of boring trans women.

The "bottom" or "booty" line is, to each their own and  we must stick together for the greater good! 

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