Just to catch up on a few political stories, North Carolina and the Feds are in the courts suing each other in a non problem which was made into one...transgender bathroom rights. North Carolina must be a rich state with plenty of money to lose!

Kristin BeckNow, in case you didn't hear, one of the most positive role models (who has come out recently) Kristin Beck, lost her election bid to win a seat in the US Congress over one of the strongest Democratic long term incumbents. If you don't know her story, Kristin is a former Navy Seal and a trans person I hope we hear a lot from in the future!

Finally, in the Philippines, Geraldine Roman on Tuesday celebrated overcoming "bigotry, hatred and discrimination" as results showed she had become the first transgender politician to win a congressional seat in the predominantly Catholic Philippines.

After her victory in Monday's election, Roman, 49, is being seen by the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community as a source of hope in a country where Church influence means divorce, abortion and same-sex marriage are banned.
See more here.  To coin a term, the more the world tries to keep us in, the more out we have become!