Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Repossessing Your Life?

One of the few close friends I have felt the need to even come out to since I have moved away (a cis-woman) asked me a question which was rapid fired 'wedged' between five others-including "Am I going to have the 'parts is not parts' surgery. It was, did I still like sports?

I was a little humored until I gave the question time to set in. After all, not so long ago, I would have asked myself the same question. Would my proposed new life style center around "fluffy foo foo drinks" and no beer or sports? Beer and sports pretty much was my life as I drank with the guys. In fact, I think my eye balls are shot from too many big screen televisions in sports bars.

I too put some very serious thought into who the 'new' me was going to be. Years later though, I found the old and new me were much a like. We had the same interests for the most part and got along with peeps in the same way. Even though I was scared to death, as Connie says " a smile goes along way!" 

As I looked around in the world, I saw women drinking beer and watching sports with the best of them. And, I was even able to find a couple very close cis women friends by watching sports. So maybe I wouldn't have to be my non ideal woman sitting at the bar sipping wine with her legs crossed.

Also, with men of course it was different. Very few approached me to begin with but the few that did, I had to be very careful of where I went with my sports "knowledge." My 'fave' though was to be a part of a group of women and be quiet and observe two women friends go at it - with each other and the folks around us.

Just remember though, all of us are different of and your transitions will follow you down different paths. But just keep in mind you don't have to kick your current life to the gutter to do it.

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