Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Gym Rat?

Lots 'o' stuff finding it's way onto my front burners these days again. Meeting my daughter in the morning for breakfast, then Thursday I have a mishmash of appointments at the VA which  involves an update on my name change.

So tonight I have to get my hair washed and my nails painted to not look like a total slob in front of my kid,

Something which is bugging me is my huge appetite I was supposed to gain weight the last time I went on the full HRT-but lost a bunch more. I think the weight loss 45 pounds came from my liver/iron problems,

So (since I am trying to eat the wall paper off the walls) I decided to join a health club with Liz, Yes-I did, My secondary goal is to maybe help this crummy hip I have, How am I ever going to learn belly dancing?

We will see. And, speaking of being seen, I am not going to try to make some big transgender women's locker room scene.Although the place makes a big  deal out of promoting it's a non judgmental gym. Either way, it's very close to our house so we can work out and then go eat wings! Kidding!

Finally, since we are keeping track around here; today was the first day my breasts began to be sore again,

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