Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Bitch is not Just Made Overnight

One of the interesting parts of reading potential post material here in Cyrsti's Condo is how certain ideas just keep making big circles and coming back again..

The latest was a very well written post from somewhere explaining how transphobia was not always the fault of the person supposedly doing it. After all, as the person said (writing the article), the transgender woman was just being a bitch when the clerk waiting on her was trying to be nice.

Nothing new- a thousand years ago when I first made my foray's into the early cross dresser scene around here, a few friends and I used to talk about how badly some made the transition. No matter how good they looked.

Then again, the public at some point in time needs to realize a bastard in heels transitions easily into a bitch in heels. A shitty personality is just that, Pooh in make up,

Still though, an interesting well thought out point by the writer. I spend lots of my time in my own little world (it's warm and fuzzy) and I'm sure the public thinks I am a being a standoffish bitch myself. 

Bitch maybe-but standoffish??? No :) But then again I am innately very shy which I had conquered in my guy world and am trying to always do better at as a girl. Always seems there is something to do with this gender transition. 

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