Saturday, January 2, 2016

Can't See My Behind-Got to Look Ahead

I have never really been one to make convenient New Years resolutions which in a week or a month just sort of dissipate. This year though, I have certain life activities which are 'on going.' Just another way of saying I want to 'git r done' before I die.

Lets take HRT for example- I restarted my estrogen patches on New Years Eve. Not well I might add, as the patches wouldn't stick without a band-aid.  No problem, just call me the Teflon Trans Girl.

And,  even more important is my continuing "gender marker" work I will have to pursue again as early as Monday. As of right now, the holiday's have slowed most of everything. (naturally)

Of course, there is always more! 

Just before New Years the Hamilton County/Cincinnati public library announced a service which is just appearing across the country-a chance for you to hard copy print your e book at cost. I can't wait to try it with my "Stilettos on Thin Ice" book. I simply have not had the money to self publish. My problem is I have a deep paranoia with meeting "Stilettos" in person.

Finally, my only real resolutions are to get started on a new book (from Cyrsti's Condo archive posts) and to get into Yoga. Then maybe I could see my own behind?

(Yoga example here shown here by the 'Aflac Duck')

The problem is the duck has more coordination!

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