Indiana Hates Me???

Jjoktacozqw7vegs9grkBigots are nothing-if not persistent. This time it's an Indiana  Indiana state Sen. Jim Tomes (R) who proposed a bill that would make it a crime for transgender people to use public sex-specific restrooms that don’t conform to their gender at birth.

“If you were born a man, then you are obliged to use the males’ restroom,” Tomes told the Tribune on Christmas Eve.

The misdemeanor charge wouldn’t apply to students, juveniles, or facilities in private residences.

Or to Tomes when he crossdresses and goes out on Saturday nights.

This important to me because I live just across the border from Indiana in Cincinnati. I will need to plan to never drink anything before I go. Thanks 'Jimbo"!!!

The good news is, Similar bills aimed at restricting transgender peoples’ access to public restrooms failed to pass in Kentucky, Florida, Nevada and Texas this year. Kentucky is even closer to me than Indiana.