Friday, January 1, 2016

She's a Man? or a Ghost?

As I wrote, Liz and I went to the Sinatra tribute concert last night at the Cincinnati Music Hall. The music hall by the way, was built on top of an old potters cemetery and is roundly rumored to be haunted.

Then, we went to dinner at a venue we have been to several times The Moerline Lager House for vittles.

The view above was taken from our table. 

When we got to the Music Hall and were making our way to our seats, we passed a 70 ish couple in the crowd. The woman in particular, began to give me the side looks I so hate. I mean just come out and say it. But I heard her say it to hubby - "that's a man."

The whole moment reminded me of an idea I had years ago; print a set of business cards that say "Yes I am a transgender woman!" Then on the back put a disclaimer "Legally approved-won't bite." I am sure the old bitch would have cherished her card!!!

In the meantime, I hope you had a great/safe New Years Day!

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