Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Ultimate Transition Test?

I am sending along good vibes to one of my fellow trans woman bloggers: Francine who writes the In Transition blog.  For the past several weeks she has been ill and similar to me has faced the probability of hitching up her "big girl panties" and going to the Doc as her chosen gender.

I can only say for me, my initial medical visits rated right up there with some of my scariest life changing moments yet as a transgender woman.  

I also tell those of you considering HRT -factor in doctor's visits.  Especially if you have put a few more years into your body (like I have.) As with anything else in life though, hormones are a gamble. They have wonderful benefits and scary risks. I always say at this point "God bless the cross dressers." They are able to present as a woman and get some sort of release for their "genderality" 

I also know of those of you who consider yourselves transgender women without SRS and HRT. That's all good too.  

At the end of the day, when we pass on, I hope we have a chance to look back and wonder just why we had to put up with all this hassle.

In the meantime, I knew I hadn't lived until my one doctor asked me to show my breasts to his resident. He wanted to show the difference in a man with "moobs" and a trans woman on HRT.  The areola, according to him is the difference.

I figure too, all of this may be preparing me for any future "nursing home" time I may be facing as my life winds down. Who knows though, I may attract a rich widow? As I told Kim and Nikki recently, everytime we go to one of their lesbian parties, there is at least one curious interested party in the room. (Don't tell Liz!)

On a very serious side-Francine, I hope you are better!

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