Smile! You Are On Transgender Camera!

In an earlier Cyrsti's Condo post, I wrote of my recent public interactions and how  we now have the potential to do more than ever to take the transgender person from a caricature to a living breathing human being. 

As she has a tendency to do, Liz and I had a discussion of the "phenomena"  yesterday. Plus-as I have a tendency to do-I unloaded a hell if I do and a hell if I don't speech. Why aren't we coming any closer to transgender equal rights and more "grass roots" visibility? But, why are all these peeps bugging me about being a trans woman?

Liz is nice to me and starts out mentioning my wonderful personality, engaging mind and (sometimes) my endless flirting. Most certainly all of that does sound wonderful and I am sure my humble self wishes it all was true - but it isn't. 

Similar to many of you, we are all part of the Caitlin Jenner back lash. The public has been educated to a degree about the "T's" of the GLBT loose coalition. So now, perhaps more than ever before, it is contingent on all of us to put our best trans selves forward. 

As far as Liz goes, she still says I can be bought off with home cooking. Friday I took advantage of a lunch invitation with one of our friends. It just so happened she had four boys there -all under 16-maybe the most inquisitive and potentially the most transphobic group of humans there are. After all, we all know the problems (deserved or not) cis men have with trans women.

Forget all of that though-lunch was fantastic!!! Thanks Nancy!!