Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Morning Edition"

Ker Plunk! Welcome to a sultry summer Sunday edition of Cyrsti's Condo. Here in Ohio, it's actually a beautiful sunny day with highs in the 80's and a hotter fresh cup of "Joe" (coffee)-let's get started:
Page One-The Week that Was or Wasn't: To me, the week went by so fast-it was the week which wasn't - as far as the transgender world went. Much to my chagrin, I couldn't resist temptation and got sucked backed into the Caitlin Jenner "Kartrashian" media circus, was charmed, uplifted by Jazz Jennings and concerned by Carly's heart attack on Becoming Us. Selfishly, at my age, I'm trying to slow time down!

Page Two- A Tale of Two Restrooms? My partner Liz and I had a busy day on the road yesterday getting "errands" done between my old house and life in Springfield (Ohio) and here in Cincinnati. It's a trip one way of approximately an hour and a half-plenty of "quality time to spend with each other. We started the day at a "Meetup" Creative Group we attend when we can for conversation, coffee,ideas,food,coffee and oh yes-more coffee. After an hour or so it was time to hit the road to Springfield. 

The trip is mainly rural and restroom access is rare. In fact, since one of main interstate rest stops along the way has been closed for repair-the only alternative is a fast food restaurant cluster about half way. Yesterday we had two options-a cornfield-or Mac's. So Mac's for the potty and more coffee was the choice. I have stopped there by myself many times-without nary a glance, but not yesterday. I came out of my stall (Liz was done and waiting) right into the stares of a young girl and her Mom who was trying literally to escape through the wall. It was soooo bad, Liz reached out and gently touched my back as I washed up and we went out to order. 

The other end of the spectrum happened later last night as we went out for food and an adult beverage in the "Over the Rhine" section of downtown Cincinnati -you guessed it-we were called "ladies" all night long.

Page Three: The Back Page: I know this is a very short Sunday Edition but I do promise several more posts coming up with ideas I came up with during my "travel's" this weekend plus people I met along the way. In the meantime, thanks for being a part of Cyrsti's Condo!