Sunday, May 24, 2015

Put That Damn Brush Away!!!

I should be the last person to stereotype the world! I get so frustrated when I do. I  know it doesn't help I am reasonably opinionated. Here are a few:

I have opinions that a macho "jock" looking man is going to react negatively to me when in fact I have found it's just the opposite. For the most part, they are secure in themselves and don't give me much notice at all. I have opinions my lesbian friends won't get much male attention-but they do. I assume gay guys won't like me and that's changing (maybe even lesbians!)

I also assume  people think I live in this conservative "red neck" part of the country-when I don't.-and others don't either. Take Shelle lle for example:  "As you know Cyrsti,I live In Indiana which is likely among the most Anti LGBT states in the Midwest,However I live in a fairly liberal town ,thanks mostly to the fact that Purdue University Is located here, and they have a well organised LGBT program on campus,I'm able to go anywhere around town without fear of reprisal and have not had any bad experiences at all I'm lucky and thankful for that."

Thank you Shelle lles! I am always encouraged by the pockets of understanding around the larger educational institutions anywhere (many of which have gender studies programs.) And, as I told my grand kids, they are the future diversity which oils the future. They can make a difference. 

Now, as far as living in Ohio, Indiana or Texas where my BFF trans woman friend is headed - sure there are places you don't want to go, for any number of reasons. But there places you can. But only when you understand the basics of where you are and as a transgender woman or cross dresser-you follow the basics of being any generic woman knows.

I am a terrible painter anyway and I need to be a worst one when I paint stereotypes. 

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