Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The "Small Bang" Therory

The Trans Ohio Symposium released it's "key note speaker" list yesterday-or I should say-.speakers list.  The list had a nice balance of race black/white (2 each) and a heavy balance of youth and trans guys.

However, I felt left out but then again know why. This is my third year in a row, and trans women are few and far between. Plus, the ones who do attend have a tendency to be out on their own little islands and stand offish. Including me.

Every year I tell Liz (who attends) I am going to make sure I make an effort not to present as some sort of an unreachable bitch-translated-introduce myself.  It's tough. During my male days of yore in my macho family we were taught to wait for someone to come to us to speak. It's time to bury that hatchet too with my past.

Now, there are several other reasons the oldest presenter is approx 30. Primarily (I don't have the official numbers) the attendee's seem to be younger transgender males. Plus, the future of all the trans community lies in it's youth and preventing as many tragic suicides as possible.

Finally, why do I think so few transgender women attend? First of all, once we "succeed" in blending into society.. See Ya! Also a ton of us are still married to a spouse who is not "all in" with us being a cross dresser, let alone being transgender. I'm just guessing she won't be all in spending money checking out the direction her marriage may be headed.

The problem is, and the Trans Ohio Symposium is not the place to address it is, there is not much information being presented for cross dressers searching for their gender basis. You would need a whole different Symposium (maybe not unlike Fantasia Fair) with more resources around here to do it. Plus, let's not forget the difference in name and organizers, just as a start.

So, why do Liz and I go? There is a place of course for a niche provider like me and my little workshop is usually well attended. Usually, at least half are spouses. Finally, I always come away from the event with more knowledge than I thought I walked in with.

The organizers are just now getting final information out on the event -May 29-31st this year in Columbus, Ohio. Follow the link for more!

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