Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

Page One.-The Week that Was-or Wasn't: Sad to say most of my week was literally consumed by the petty bickering I was doing with my long time acquaintance. Sometimes I am not the sharpest tack in the box and love an argument, so I did hang on to the "discussion" too long. Now I just delete his emails without comment. In the transgender world Laverne Cox is posing nude, another woman of color (generic) is playing a trans woman on a soap opera and two count downs began. David Letterman's final shows and the upcoming Bruce Jenner "Out with Diane Sawyer Show." Quickly, no matter how gorgeous Laverne Cox is and how much of a clown show Jenner turns out to be-I don't know what either really mean to me. Except the questions my 37 year old daughter get from her soccer Mom friends about what her transgender parent thinks. (Why does Laverne pose nude? 'Cause she can!)
laverne-coxPage Two .-The Way to a Woman's Heart is Through Her Purse? Wednesday night, Liz and I met a small group of generics to watch one of their husbands perform at a local venue. "Tagging along" this time was a new person and she was scared to death-and ended up sitting beside me. At no time did the word transgender enter our conversation but after initial polite introductions and "small talk" I could see the "look" in her eyes. Something just not be right in the order of the world as she knew it. On the other hand, my complete acceptance by the rest of the group probably led her to believe I would not bite and had my shots. Just a compliment or two about the top she was wearing and the purse she was carrying and it was "old home night." She was hoping I was going to come to the next get together so she had someone to talk to. Good Karma!
Page Three.- "A Cross Dresser's Wife" :  Seemingly these days I have one major event per month scheduled. The end of May brings my workshop at the Trans Ohio Symposium, or, should I say, my hour of shutting up and letting others talk. (Difficult for me.) Then, in the middle of June in many ways is a much more intimidating day for me. The date is my grand daughters 13th birthday. I came in male drag to my oldest grandson's party last winter and was roundly trashed by my daughter, therapist and partner for doing so. But, I can take a beating (and even learn)-and won't let it happen again. I know there are many in the extended family who know I am trans but have never seen me and will be curious. Maybe more peeps will come and my grand kid will get more gifts! However, of all the attendee's, I know my first wife (and mother of my daughter) will be peeing down her leg in anticipation. After all, she has not seen the real me since my ancient cross dressing days in the 1970's. FYI, both her and my second wife knew ahead of marrying me I cross dressed. But through most of my existence all of us struggled with the concept of being transgender.
Page 4.- The Back Page: That's it for this week's Sunday Edition and thanks for stopping by again and again! Have a good week, stay on the good side of "Momma Karma" and Hugzzzzz!

Ker Plunk! Another edition of your Sunday Edition has hit your virtual front porch! Around here in Southwestern Ohio, we are experiencing our usual bumpy Spring arrival weather.

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