Transgender Ageing and the Cult of Impatience

I get tired of boring titles to my Cyrsti's Condo posts, as you can tell. Possibly, a better title for this post would have been-"Are we there yet?"

Since we have waited so long to gender transition, at times being patient about the changes of HRT is to say the least difficult. Not to mention bringing years of life to a screeching halt and learning another.

In fact, I am ranking this as my number three "surprise". I started all of this believeing I could basically relax and enjoy the process. The truth quickly became evident the process I was going through was so natural, I knew I was finally home.

Of course it was approximately around that same time when the trans trolls came out of the closet to accuse me of being a trans pretender at the worst to another old guy on hormones (funny) to nothing more than a glorified cross dresser. Fortunately, all of that was my worst reaction. The overwhelming reaction of society was either who cares to wow.

What I don't completely understand is the push back "more mature" trans women receive. At our age, at the least, we face tougher uphill transition battles as far as passing privilege and we have tons more of life baggage. So once we get here, hell yes,it's easy to be impatient. Look at it this way trollers, it was us who were pretending all those years  but in guy drag.

As far as a cult goes, that's a bit dramatic I know, but being a baby boomer, anything can happen with our generation.  Worst case scenario? Waking up and finding out Zoey Tur is speaking for the transgender community.