Male Privilege and "Pretenders"

Helen Boyd clarified her post on Zoey Tur and late in life transitioners:
"To clarify: the term is used usually for trans women who live significant lives assigned male before transitioning to female. There are many trans men who transition later in life after significant lives assigned women.
They are not, by any means, the only kind of self appointed trans spokespeople who screw up. There are sometimes recently transitioned trans men who say sexist shit, or there are young, firebrand activists who don’t seem to know their history and think that anyone who transitioned over the age of 40 is a drag queen, or that trans women who came up through drag shouldn’t be considered women."
As she always does Helen does a great job and you can see the rest of the post here.  Obviously at 65, this topic is near and dear to me! Yes I have my "transness" questioned and yes I have been called a pretender.