Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Remembering Leelah on the Radio

Recently, I have made a mention of my invite to join in on a radio discussion of LGBTQ suicide on a radio station close to Leelah Alcorn's hometown.

Thursday (tomorrow) WAIF radio in Cincinnati, will have a diverse set of individuals (including me) along with a local (conservative Christian) minister concerning LGBT issues with the church and families. The discussion will be moderated by a therapist, Thomas Cox, from  NKY. (Northern Kentucky University) The show runs from 12-2 (EST) and you can hear it on the link above.

So, if  I can manage to not get kicked off before I start, maybe I can add a bit of reality to the discussion.We know the reality of being transgender is not a choice it's a need but most religions don't. I simply don't understand why, probably as much as they don't understand me.  But, they need to know I am not their enemy and I deserve the same respect.  If they think I am going to hell-well- I may think I could see them there.

Call me an alarmist but  religion in this country is now following politics into a  highly polarized state, which is not good.  All of the sudden, (it seems more and more) if you are a conservative politically it follows you have to be a socially/religiously conservative person.   And, whatever happened to a loving caring God?

The only thing I do know is tomorrow we won't be able to come up with all the big answers we need. At the least though, it's going to be nice to talk about them.

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