Thursday, January 8, 2015

While My Blog Quickly Froze!

Damn it's COLD where I live here in Ohio and as bad or worse other places.  It was down to a "balmy" -25 degrees wind chill last night.  Actually, this is my second winter transitioning into the "polar vortex" or whatever else the weather peeps are calling it this year.  It's so cold here-the eggs are freezing inside the chicken!

I have whined forever here in Cyrsti's Condo on how HRT ruined my body's thermostat.  I used to be a "furnace" now I'm a freezer which presents obvious problems.  One of the truest points of transitioning is when you get to the point of choosing a wardrobe for everyday wear.  It was a huge realization for me when all of the sudden I needed clothes for every occasion, everyday and all of the sudden I was wearing them so much, they were wearing out.  "Back in the day" when I was going out a couple days a week as a cross dresser, my fave outfits lasted forever it seemed.

This year I have been farther out in front of the frozen curve.  I am set with fleece lined leggings, boots, sweaters and coats for the winter.  My problem is planning ahead for me involves about a week or so.  It's difficult for me to figure out what I am going to buy at the grocery store to eat tomorrow.  On the other hand, it seems I have an innate sense of style colors for myself, which work well with winter fashion. (Don't ask me to pick colors for your house though!)

Also, I have decided to think a little farther ahead - warmer weather and spring fashions can't be that far away!  Excuse me, I have to head out and see if my car will start!!!

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