"Whirlin' and Twirlin' "

I'm really looking forward to tonight!

Liz and I are going to the Cincinnati Lesbian "Rainbow Dance" which is expected to draw in excess of three hundred people.

My outfit has been picked out for a week. Silky black "gaucho style" Black slacks, ballerina dressy black flats and a sleeveless top which is hard to describe except it is sort of a cross between an argyle and black and white tweed. I'm wearing my hair back tonight with the beaded transgender symbol beret Liz made me and I'm carrying a beaded black bag with a long silver should chain.

I'm set!

Or am I?  I got to thinking - what if Liz asks me to dance and worse yet, if someone else does!

People think I'm kidding when I say I have NO rhythm and damn little coordination!  In my past when I have drank my way into thinking I could dance, some mean person videoed me to show I couldn't!

Seriously, I am just going to tuck this little bit of paranoia way back in my noggin and play the dance card only if I have to.  Liz and I have this special way of hanging out in our own little world anyway and I sincerely doubt if I will have my dance card filled up. But if I'm asked, I know Liz will get a kick out of it, so I will dance.

It's a damn slight better than being part of the speed dating!  Can you imagine how I would do at that? I can tell you I have a "hair trigger mouth" which is set in motion by three parts of my body. My arse, my foot and my brain-in that order!

Also, we are looking forward to seeing if there are any other partners who identify lesbian/transgender as we do!

Finally, I am an incorrigible flirt, so I just can't wait for tonight!