Saturday, October 18, 2014

My Failed Political Career!

Perhaps you have read this Halloween experience of mine in Cyrsti's Condo in the past, but I'm old so I think I'm allowed to repeat myself, if I can remember!

This experience was actually a year after my "French Woman" Halloween party and happened at a really neat old "painted lady" house.  A "painted lady" is actually one of the terms used around here for a wonderfully ornate Victorian wooden house.  The setting was a "natural" for a Halloween party!

I was still with my first wife and working as a DJ at a local radio station and getting increasingly bold about going out cross dressed at Halloween.  On this night, my wife stayed home and I actually went with one of the news girls at the station. (See I told you I had lots of rope!)

I finally gave up on a mystical perfect feminine character costume and just dressed as one, but this time not slutty. If I had a costume, it was simply a man cross dressed as a woman to the best of his ability.  By this time of my life, I had had the chance to accumulate a small wardrobe, a couple wigs and shoes.  I picked what I felt was a nice outfit. Wig, dress heels etc.  The whole effort was so mundane I really don't remember exactly what I wore - except people at the party began to comment who the "well dressed woman was." Well needless to say, I was really flattered and could move away from my spot by the vintage coffin with it's skeleton-as my date.

Then, as the evening progressed, I got the biggest surprise of all when a young politician and his girlfriend invited me to leave the party with them and go to a couple others.  It was one of those I wonder "what if" I had moments of my life. I didn't go and he ended up serving many terms in Washington.  (No Pat-this all happened many years before Monica Lewinski.)

Like a good cross dresser, I made sure the news woman got home and I went home to my wife and life-never knowing if I had a chance at a career in Washington afer all!

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