Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Most Dangerous Visitor to the "Girls' Sandbox!"

My candidate would be one of the most feminine trans women I have ever known who went through SRS. She was absolutely smart and nice and beautiful. I just can't imagine how a bitchy genetic could not be sliced and diced by this so called passive aggressive trans woman who experienced the male on male side of aggression for 30+ years of her life.  She would have never had an idea of what hit her!

But as a I think about it, another good bet would be a savvy trans girl who has played the gender game for a time. The genetic who picked the fight thought she knew what she was going up against but in the end (and she gets cornered) she knows she only has one real defense. She was born with a vagina. Now though, even that defense is going away with better SRS and even functional uterus transplants in Sweden. Could birthing as the ultimate domain of the genetics be disappearing too?

Rarely have I been ever verbally attacked in the sandbox, but it has happened and it was not pretty. I wore the scratch marks as learning experiences forever it seemed.  Certainly, there will always be a few girls in the sandbox who want to try to make sure we aren't allowed to play.  Sure, we may be a little different but maybe not as different as they want to think!

In a future post, if I'm feeling bitchy, we will take a look at the trans girls' side of the women s sandbox. Where often the real battle is!

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