Monday, September 1, 2014

Will the Circle be Unbroken?

Well kids, it was quite the weekend at quite possibly my last circa 1800 crafts fair where we have sold "Bison Burgers" (buffalo) in period costume for over a decade.  It's very physically demanding and with the toll HRT has taken on my former male strength - and the combination of working 33+ years on my feet in the commercial restaurant business - I'm literally not the man I used to be.

So this morning it's time to slow down over a cup of joe and think a little more about the next couple of months.  I am very excited!

I have mentioned here in Cyrsti's Condo,  my partner Liz is a practicing Wiccan  and I am becoming more and more interested in earth/nature based spirituality.  It just so happens, during the next month, a couple of major Wiccan festivals happen in the area.  I can't wait to go!

Then in October we have reserved a spot for Liz to sell her jewelry and knitted items at a nearby fall festival. (She knits, she crafts, she draws and she can sing too! Is it fair one person in a relationship should "hog" all the talent :) ? )

Seriously, where my "circle" begins, ends and starts again goes back many years.  My deceased wife and I were visiting a fall arts and crafts show over in Indiana and at one booth it was fairly obvious one genetic woman was selling, and in the back one cross dressed woman was helping.  So many years later, although I'm not the "talent" I will not be afraid to just sit back and not help sales. I'm fairly certain Liz will have the only transgender sales person at the festival.

Toss in a couple "October Fests" along the way and before we know it the bewitching Halloween time will be upon us and "Madam Lanoe!" Liz has told me, under no circumstances will she disclose what my costume will look like.  I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas!

Finally, I know what you are thinking.  Cyrsti, with your 65th birthday mixed in the middle of all of this, it's tough to be a kid.  But you know-that's the fun part!  The down side is-I need a nap! When is that coffee going to kick in???

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