Thursday, September 4, 2014

We "Gotz" Mail!

I was kicking around Cyrsti's Condo, wondering what to write about today, and a bunch of you stepped up and helped me with several fun and informative comments.  On certain days, my mind is on overdrive with ideas and others, it's very much on "sleep" mode!

In no particular order, I'm going to try to pass along the highlights of the comments and direct you back to the individual post for more.

The first comment comes from Cheri about my "Bitchy"  Quote of the Day:
I love this. That's how I feel today!
Thank you!
Hugs, Cheri

You are welcome!  I'm not sure if there comes a point in our transitions (especially if you take HRT) when the ability to be a bitch just comes with the territory.  Or, as my genetic friend Missy says, women are just mean away, so you have to be a bitch to survive!

Paula Goodwin commented on our Glamour, Goddesses and More post:

My boss asked me to pick him up a copy of Mayfair (quite soft porn, but would now definitely not be considered suitable for work!) I complied with his request, when I returned to the office I walked up to his desk handed it over after sheepishly pulling out my copy of Waterways World which I had hidden inside it. From that day on the girls in the office never let him forget what a *%$@#er they all thought he was! 

Thanks Paula, who by the way is heading on a vacation to Malta where she will need a swimming suit. That "fashion frontier" is obviously very unforgiving and I have given the idea quite a bit of "what if" thought on occasion. I do feel now, with HRT, i would have less to worry about in a swim suit-but still, it would be highly challenging.  Fortunately, I have never been much of a water person, so unless Liz would really want to go, I would never miss it!

This comment goes back a bit and involved the Pinterest picture I chose which for all the world looked like a young cross dresser in his college dorm room.  Back in the day, I actually went to two different colleges and one had a very active fraternity/sorority system.  Although I never did see them, it was rumored a couple of them did get together and a couple frat boys would be "chosen" for a sorority makeover.  Here was the comment from Mandy: 

Maybe I can sneak out this way without my friends seeing me? I did (go to college.) And I was (a fraternity member.) But I wasn't (asked to dress up.) Might have had something to do with the fact that I didn't live on campus...or more likely, they didn't think I'd be pretty enough?

Will never know for sure...

The young cross dresser on our left is neither Mandy or myself.  It's not hard to speculate what happened to him after his sorority "make over" and if the rest of his hazing involved going out with the rest of the girls that night!

I will have more comments soon in a future post!!!

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