Friday, September 5, 2014

What is She Really Saying?

One of the comments here in Cyrsti's Condo I didn't have a chance to respond to yet came from Thomas Braylen:

A guy generally is a female actually is actually the tone of voice to fit. There are lots of operative products and services who have aided attain a great difficult wish. Any transsexual or a man or woman that has gone through sexual change surgical treatment is usually a brand new rising breed.

We have heard from Thomas before, but still don't know exactly where he is from which is why the translated version coming through to us, looks the way it does.  If Thomas is saying what I think he is, he brings up a huge point of how we sound in the world as transgender women or cross dressers.  

Indeed there are tons of "self help" voice coaches and guides on line and depending on where you live-trained speech therapists to help.

As far as I go, I do the best I can to cover the feminine vocal basics. I move my voice up in my diaphragm, stopping at a point well away from producing a falsetto voice and, that's about it. As I was just getting by vocally,  I became more aware of what I was saying and which gender I was saying it to.was becoming more important than how I sounded saying it.

Then there was the Trans Ohio Symposium class I attended last spring taught by Kent State University's Kristen Precht-Byrd.  She presented a fascinating look at "gender speak" (my term) - or- how the genders speak to each other. Her title is "Assistant Professor in Applied Linguistics." and she essentially put down on paper what I was learning on the job.

These days, I'm having more and more people not noticing me at all, until I talk. It just doesn't rank high up my list of concerns. If I was younger and in a day to day job, I'm sure the pitch and sound of my feminine voice would be more of a factor to me. I'm just lucky it's not and I'm just lazy.

Finally Thomas, yes, the stories of transsexual women and men seem to be everywhere these days and all of that is very positive.  Even more positive is the Janet Mock's, Carmen Carerra's and Laverne Cox's of the world are redefining who we are as people , not just items of curiosity.  

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