Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Walking the "Mean" Streets in the "Nati"?

'The Nati' is simply a slang term for Cincinnati, Ohio.  You regulars around Cyrsti's Condo know I sort of live there part time with my partner who has lived in "the Nati" her entire life.

In a previous post, I wrote a little about the Covington/Newport TGBLQ Pride night last Saturday.  Both towns are connected and are located across the Ohio River from Cincinnati.  During the evening, as both of us walked a bit to get to our selected venues, the fact wasn't lost on me that a transgender woman was murdered in Cincinnati mere days before.  I'm not taking 'the Nati' to task anymore than any larger urban areas in that any woman does not want to end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. ESPECIALLY a trans woman.

We did decide to shorten our walks and look for closer parking and as we did, I couldn't help dwell on what the public sees in my partner and I and does it matter?

What I mean is, we don't shy away from holding hands and other small displays of public affection, so are they looking at us as two lesbians-or her as who she is and me as who I am as transgender? By the "does it matter" comment I mean-we all know women are targets for violence and to make it worse, we trans women are bigger targets. So I know we are at a higher risk of violence anyhow.

Every once in a while here in the "Condo" we do a very serious post concerning individual security as you come out of the closet as a cross dresser or a trans woman. I am in no way a believer in the myth of male privilege except in a couple key areas and one is personal security.

Before you hit the imagined mean streets like I did, remember-it's never a problem to be too vigilant and careful!

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