Monday, July 14, 2014

The "E" Word?

I figured when I sat down to write this post, there was no way I wouldn't get in trouble with someone after I wrote it, so I changed the focus slightly and decided to try anyway.

What got me started is, I have this guy on one of the instant messaging services who won't leave me alone. He is not crass though and totally not intimidated by the fact I have a genetic woman partner plus he isn't dissuaded because I won't Skype or exchange dirty pictures. So, he is entertaining at the least and I keep asking him "why me?" (and don't block him.)  You and I both know he is not interested in my casual life's passions. He "keeps in touch" because I am transgender.

Is he in love with me because of my pictures? Not a chance - without a doubt, my only socially redeeming factor to him is because I am transgender.  I am similar to a dressed down Marilyn Monroe who was still sexy no matter how you cut it.  I'm not sexy but I am exotic to many men!(and some women) simply if I am presentable and trans.

Truly, I look at the whole process with more than a bit of humor and/or sarcasm.  Because, in my view, if a man (or woman) is so inclined to have any sort of an attraction to me, it immediately levels the playing field with other genetic women.

It has to be getting tougher for the genetically born females.  Take Jennifer Lopez and the former Playboy bunny whose men had affairs with beautiful trans women.  Then, poor Wendy Williams and Joseline Herandez, (left) vigorously refuting rumors they are transgender.  Herandez, to the point of posting a nude what does that mean? Hasn't she heard about the work accomplished SRS surgeons are doing now? Before we know it, uterine transplants will enable trans women to have babies.

I am sure some of you are like me. Your "trans-dar" is on all the time and every once in a while, I will lock eyes with a person I just might think is transgender.  As of yet though, I haven't had anyone come up to me and say, "Wow! Are you trans too?"

In the meantime, I will be like any woman and want to believe any compliments I get because a few do make me feel better.  A couple of weeks ago I saw a woman I hadn't run into in a while and she complimented on how incredible my changes were becoming.  I think I walked on "Cloud Nine" for the next couple of days.

My reality is though,  the MTF transitional changes I'm going through from HRT are earned and I respect any compliments from them as real. On the other hand,  just being exotic because I am trans is a trait I inherited - like my Mom's temperament and means very little - except it sounds cool to say!

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