A Cup Half Empty or Half Full?

Referring back to the previous post here in Cyrsti's Condo about Pat's Trans Dar sighting, most have commented how incredibly great it was she was working there at all.  Hopefully (if she was transgender), we are at the least beginning to be employed in various different jobs in the economy.  All too often I think I'm guilty of thinking the majority of transgender women who can find work at all, find it with larger more diverse corporations.  Simply landing a job and living as we want is more like a "cup completely full."

As far as hers, chipped fingernail polish, pink tennis shoes etc, the cup is half empty. Then again,  Joni made the comment "maybe she will learn."

It has been my experience a great majority learn the basics of presenting as a woman from our own mothers. Others are "coached" from the girls sandbox.  The managers I respected the most in the restaurant business were the women.  They of course had to play both sides of the gender power struggle.  The simple answer for chipped finger nail polish was you can remove it as fast as it went on.  In all fairness to Lowes, I have seen few cashiers with long beautiful manicured nails but even fewer with ugly chipped polish. As thin as my nails have become (because of HRT), I normally have to work on them every night, just to look natural, clean and presentable. Polish is saved for special occasions.

As far as the shoes go and the 1960's men's pants on my "trans dar" woman, it's simply sad they had no one to say, hey, here is a better way.

Which leads me to "My cup is half empty" thought.  I have seen and known several transgender women in my past who after the "gender transition" buzz was over, they simply got tired of the work it takes for any female to present as a woman. No I'm not talking about magazine fashion models, I'm talking about women like my daughter with three kids.  It's no accident a recent study approximated a woman puts three times more into grooming than a man and a transgender woman has to put even more effort into appearance just to navigate the world.

But hopefully the Lowes employee is like the trans woman Liz and I see working at a convenience store close to her (and the one who openly worked where I live)-good for them! If they know it or not they are a beacon of hope to many of us!  Now, go fix that polish woman! You don't want to draw extra attention to thick hands!!!

Make it difficult on Pat's wife!!!!