Writer's "Arse"

"Aw right" it's done and sent to exotic places such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble to sell a million copies. Sometime next week my book should be available for sale.

 Somehow I don't think my humble self published E-Pub "Stilettos on Thin Ice"  is going to make it to the "New York Times" best seller list or you won't see me on Dr. Phil anytime soon. So why did I write it?

Very simply, the years of writing Cyrsti's Condo have led me to believe there are many of you living the same gender struggle I am-or did. Very simply if one person is helped by the book or if an outsider develops any sort of an understanding of a transgender person's life-I have been successful in what I set out to do.  I do know too, my story brings a message of hope to those transgender women of age who are transitioning-or are considering it.

On a lesser scale, I have never been able to actually finish a project such as a book in my life.  I'm literally a "hoarder of words" and have thousands stuck around here in the Condo. The whole project was on my "bucket list" which I have to tell you is very small.  I've been fortunate or crazy enough to just do most of what I wanted.

My problem now is I have a case of HRT "writer's arse".  If you didn't know, later more than sooner on hormones you do begin to "fill out" in the butt and hip/thigh area. For the last week or so, I have had to barricade myself in the house in front of computer to finish the book in time for the Trans Ohio Symposium next weekend.  The problem was, many snacks, very little exercise and a sore "arse" from sitting in this damn chair!  I'm fairly certain I'm getting a dose now of what a genetic woman feels like when she sits at a desk all day and feels those "snacks" going to her rear!

The only fortunate possibility I have going for me now is, I seem to still have some of my old male metabolism left and I can work the extra weight off of where I really need to-in my tummy area.  I'm far from worrying if my hips or thighs are too wide.

Finally, I will let you know when "Stilettos on Thin Ice" actually goes up for sale if you would consider purchasing it. ($3.99) thanks!


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