Never a Dull Moment

Last night I met up with a couple of my friends - for the sake of information, both are genetic females who identify as lesbians.  Now that I got that out of the way, both of them were fired up by the time I got to our meeting place ( a very straight sports bar). One is leaving tomorrow to visit her son in Africa who is serving in the Peace Corps and the other was just more exuberant than normal.  I was later (than normal) because a tornado touched down about 20 miles from where I live, so naturally I was watching the weather. Fortunately, it hit in a very rural underpopulated farm area. If you read Stana's Femulate blog, she was coming to Dayton and that's the weather she was talking about.

No more than I was getting comfortable with my first beer-here came the cheap shots.  Mind you now, I can give as good as I get but I usually like to get the first salvo in.  As it turned out, not much longer into the evening, along comes the biggest cheap shot of all, and not a funny one.  There is an ex marine (older than I am even) who I worked with for years in there to quit mis- pronouning me.  He was getting better and was down to the occasional "man" reference and then stopped it all together-until last night.  He walked by me and said "how you doing Sir?"  This time, I didn't let it go and turned around and said WTF John, what did you just call me?  He started to mumble and blush and did apologize and scurried away.  My friends were kind of shocked and I don't know if they even knew the full extent of what went on until I told them.  It's always an interesting gender dynamic between them and I in that they so totally accept me as me.  When someone tries to mis gender or pronoun me, they get puzzled as to why.

My one friend couldn't resist the opening and said the only male she reads in me is my total non acceptance of any other sports teams other than my own.  Keep in mind, she is as much a sports fan as I, so I told her that comment only proved what she doesn't about sports.

As it turned out, the night was far from over yet.  Later on, John returned with his wife and 45 year old daughter and they made him apologize again.  That was nice, but not needed but it turned out the wife and daughter had a true desire to know what makes a transgender person tick. (Like I knew?) Kidding, both of them were real good people and we did do a little classroom education about trans people.  It's just so difficult to explain the various layers of our community without losing everyone's attention.  I pretty much got through the basics of how I was married, in the military, played football and did all the man things the best I could. It just wasn't me and yes now I am different from a cross dresser in many basic ways including the hormone replacement therapy I was on.  

So as you can tell, there never was a dull moment except when I woke up and  had to shake off the hangover this morning!


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