Turmoil in Texas

Casual Headshot of Nikki Araguz October 2011.jpg
Nikki Araguz
Deserved or not, Texas gets the rap for being radically against transgender rights.  Transsexual widow Nikki Araguz's case comes to mind.

I say "deserved or not" because it only takes one or two ignorant gender bigots to poison the reputation of an entire area.

The "Lone Star State" though jumped backed into the gender headlines recently:

Texas Teacher Laura Jane Klug Was Suspended For Being Transgender — But There’s Something We Can Do About It

This Teacher Was Suspended For Being Transgender And There's Something We Can Do About It
Laura Jane Krug
This was actually one of many posts and stories about the incident but was the one which caught my attention because of where it came from and the last part of the heading.

It comes from theFrisky and you can read it here. While you are there, check out the other transgender stories on the page!

Three more observations.  I consider theFrisky to be a solid trans ally and the school system needs a strong trans woman to substitute (baby sit) a fifth grade class and Goddess forbid if the kids parents would have to answer questions they weren't prepared for and afraid to discuss.