Cyrsti's Condo "UpDate"

Ironically, just a day after we were discussing transgender employment opportunities, another LGBT Job Fair story popped up from Salt Lake City.

I immediately became suspicious of this item because of how silent the "T" may have been. Obviously, employers face many more hurdles on their end hiring trans employees as opposed to gay or lesbian workers. I was considering the transgender title was nothing more than window dressing.

But, this event was organized by  the Transgender Education Advocates (TEA) of Utah. and was their second annual TGLBQ Job Fair. The event was attended by 10 local employers, all committed to TGLBQ equality in the workplace, and about 50 job-seekers, significantly surpassing last year’s inaugural numbers.  The primary goal of the job fair was to show employers that “the TGLBQ community has an immense amount of untapped talent,” and to help that talent find jobs with companies who appreciate them and value diversity.

It is important to point out, more job seekers are questioning a company's diversity these days. Diversity is being viewed as an indicator of how good and progressive a company is.   Now if more cities would recognize the same thing (where I live doesn't) more economic development would come their way. But as is said in sports "you can't coach stupid."


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